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The state required course for ages 15-24. Students will have a fun and hands-on educational experience learning the ways of the road with us. Students are eligible to sign up for our Teen Driver’s Ed class 30 days before their 15th birthday.

  • 32-Hours of Classroom Instruction
  • 14-Hours of In-Car Instruction (7 driving/7 observing)
  • Permit Preparation
  • Written Permit Exam
  • 10% Insurance Discount

30 hours of Behind-the-Wheel training must be completed with parent or guardian. Click here for an Instruction Guide for the additional hours. (Documentation required by DPS)


Whether you need to brush up on your driving skills or you took a parent taught course and simply need the in-car lessons, we can help you out. You have the option to purchase single lessons. If you need multiple lessons, then look into ordering our package deals. What ever your driving needs, let Island Driving School get you proficient and on the Road Safely!


Participants are evaluated by a TDLR Approved Driving Instructor. During the evaluation, the participant will drive through a series of neighborhoods that encompass various speed limits. The will also be required to make right and left hand turns, exhibit the ability to properly back up and be able to enter and exit freeways. They must also safely change lanes, apply proper braking, use appropriate signals, and head check searching for blind spots.


ATTENTION… we offer Third Party Skills Test Exams, all clientele must bring valid permit and all the required paperwork into one of our nearest locations for review prior to scheduling an appointment with our TPST Road Test Examiner.

PLEASE NOTE: Students MUST be at least 16 yrs old and passed there 6-month restriction date to take their Road Test. See List below of required documentation.

  • Students Valid Permit (must be held for 6 months if ages 16-17)
  • Drivers Ed Completion Certificate (DE-964, PT-964, or ADE13-17)
  • IMPACT Certificate for Texas Drivers, The completion date of the IMPACT MUST be after the completion date of the 30-hour log. (
  • Proof of Insurance
  • 30-Hour Behind the Wheel Log (DPS Requirement if you took the teen course)
  • Parent/Legal Guardian MUST BE PRESENT- No Exceptions!! If you are 18 and completed a parent taught program, your parent must still be present to sign paperwork. They will also have to escort you to the DPS.
  • $120 payment, for adults or parent taught programs
  • $65 payment, for students who completed our Teen Driver’s Ed Course
  • A Current VOE, Verification of Enrollment, will be Required by DPS, THIS FORM IS VALID FOR NO MORE THAN 30 DAYS
  • Online Parent-Taught Packets, the following items will also be needed:
  • DL-91A: 32-Hour Classroom Log
  • DL-91B: 14-Hour Behind the Wheel Instruction Log

(Because we are a third party doing skills testing, we do not offer HARDSHIP LICENSES. This must be done at the DPS)